Organizational Partners

my Boo - Germany

My Boo, founded by Maximillian Schay and Jonas Stolkze is based in Kiel. My Boo is the biggest distributor of Booomers Bikes in Europe. The company  has been supporting the school since 2016 through its foundation. The My Boo Foundation is currently the biggest supporter of the Schools Scholarship program which is providing educational support for vulnerable children in the communities. Learn More

Booomers International Ltd

Booomers is a social enterprise that was also founded by our founder Kwabena Danso. The company provides skills training and employment to rural unemployed youth through the manufacturing of the bamboo bicycles and accessories. The company addresses the problems of rural unemployment, climate-change, rural-urban migration as well as poverty. The company which was established in 2014 provided the seed money for the establishment of the school as part of its social development commitment to the communities. The company currently markets its products around the world with a huge presence in Europe and North America. The company since inception had produced and sold over 8000 units of bamboo bicycles frames around the world. Interested in owning one of these bikes, kindly find out more from their website.  Learn more

Umwelt Bank - Germany

UmweltBank is an ecological bank focused on its key goal: to encourage as many environmental projects as possible. UmweltBank is committed to the preservation of our natural resources, in particular clear water, clean air and healthy environment. UmweltBank provides funding to the projects in the areas of solar energy, wind and hydro power, cogeneration, low-energy design, eco-friendly production, organic farming and recycling. The Bank was a big sponsor to the school in our early years of construction and continues to support our efforts. Learn More