Sponsor a Child

Our local communities in which the school is situated have several children who come from poor backgrounds and will not be able to access quality education. Our scholarship program provides support for children from vulnerable homes who would otherwise have difficulty accessing good education and being able to realize their dreams. Some children are on partial scholarship and other on full scholarship.

‚ÄčHow it works: The school has empowered the teachers to detect and conduct background checks on kids who may have difficulties at home. We have also made it a policy to reserve part of the admission to children from such backgrounds every year. When a child is suspected to be from a poor home, a team comprising of the Administrative assistant, the teacher of the child and the Head of Academics first do a background check on the child and ascertain the nature of the problem. This normally include talking to the community members and the people around. After the initial findings, the parents of the child will be called for further discussion. Upon the final recommendation from the team, an application form is issued to the child and once completed, we then proceed to profile the child.

The scholarship program for sponsors from Germany is managed by the my Boo Ghana School e.V. foundation. For all other sponsors, kindly reach out to us at contact@ypmodelschool.org