Sponsor a Classroom

If you are a company or an individual looking to undertake a social project either in your name or that of a loved one, you may consider sponsoring our classrooms projects. The classroom will be dedicated to the sponsor with a sign showing who sponsored the classroom. . The sponsor will also be listed on our website and may use the sponsorship in your own Public Relations work. Companies interested in this will first pay for the cost of construction and setting up of the classroom which is approximately 10.000 Euros (12,000 USD). Sponsorship can be prolonged every 5 years by contributing 25% of the initial sum for the maintenance and to keep the quality of the classroom. Sponsors are welcome and encouraged to visit the school and specifically to see the sponsored classroom. 


Sponsorship does not grant any rights to influence the curriculum of the school or to influence the hiring of the school. Sponsorships are not accepted from organizations that produce tobacco or weapons and other trades prohibited by International and local Ghanaian laws. Sponsorships are also not accepted from companies offering gambling services as these are also against the principles on which our children are being trained.

If you are interested in sponsoring a classroom, please reach out to my Boo Ghana School e.V. if you are in Germany or to the Yonso Project if you are in the United States.